Britain urges calm after post-election violence in Zimbabwe

Map. History of Africa conflict

23 September 2018
Zimbabwe's electoral commission announcing result of Presidential election #ZimbabweElections
Tunisia: In the wake of the Kasserine bank robbery, MOI published a wanted notice for ISIS/Jund al-Khilafah militants, Ezzedine Aloui and Hatem Basdouri (not the first for the latter, who tortured and killed his uncle in Sidi Ali Ben Aoun in February)
Reuters report witnesses saying police in Zimbabwe have entered MDC offices with a warrant and have detained 16 people
Zimbabwe opposition chief defiant, maintains election victory claim
Zimbabwe presidential results to be released from 2000 GMT: electoral commission
@mdczimbabwe opposition supporters filed out of besieged party HQ, held in there for about the last 24 hrs. Lawyers say they're been taken to police station for screening. @edmnangagwa has called for dialogue, @nelsonchamisa's supporters say election is rigged
Zimbabwe police seal off opposition MDC headquarters - MDC secretary general
1 month ago
World health organisation says Ebola team arrives in Congo
1 month ago
The murder of three Russian journalists in Central African Republic is getting stranger: CAR gov says they were killed by a 9-person group in headscarves that spoke neither French nor Sango.
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission refuses to say when it will announce the results of the presidential election, despite an earlier tweet saying it would be announced at 9 p.m.
US Embassy in Harare: Due to multiple demonstrations and reports of gun shots in the Central Business District, the U.S. Embassy encourages American Citizens to avoid the Central Business District.
The US military may significantly reduce the number of Special Operations Forces in Africa despite senior military officials warning that the terrorist threat in Africa is increasing
Commonwealth condemns Zimbabwe for 'excessive' force at protests
Zimbabwe soldiers order Harare shops to close
Britain urges calm after post-election violence in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa says his government is in touch with opposition leader after military crackdown
Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa says those responsible for violence should be identified and brought to justice
Zimbabwe's President Emmerson Mnangagwa calls for an independent investigation into Harare violence
Zimbabwe's Mnangagwa says talking to opposition to defuse tension
Zimbabwe president says seeks to 'peacefully' end election crisis
Fires burning in streets of Harare as 3 killed in ZimbabweElection protests. UN Sec Gen urged "restraint".
At least 3 dead after military swept into Zimbabwe's capital, state broadcaster says.
The former president expects to campaign in several states this fall and to issue a second round of endorsements in advance of Nov. 6, according to his office.
Regular forces couldn't cope with magnitude of violence thus army was requested, according to Zimbabwe police spokesman.
Congo confirms 4 new Ebola cases in North Kivu province, week after outbreak in northwest ends.
1 month ago
At least 20 dead from viral haemorrhagic fever in DR Congo's North Kivu province, health ministry says; at least 4 cases have been confirmed as Ebola
Zimbabwe?: scenes from Harare this afternoon.
Ebola outbreak confirmed in DRC's north Kivu province - governor
Reports also coming in from Kinshasa, DRC, where the security forces have fired teargas to disperse supporters of Jean-Pierre Bemba who awaited the return of the opposition leader to the country from The Hague
1 month ago
Ebol Virus confirmed in North Kivu province, Beni territory, Mangina agglomeration. The Ministry of Health has just announced after confirmation of the analyzes at the INRB
1 month ago
New Ebola outbreak confirmed in eastern Congo.
One person shot dead by Zimbabwean army in Harare: witnesses
Tunisia: A group of four unmasked gunmen carried out a carjacking before robbing a bank in Kasserine, the sum stolen was at least the equivalent of €10K, terrorist track not excluded
#Zimbabwe Armored vehicles on move in city centre. Chopper overhead. Still hearing sporadic gunshots
MDC supporters flee after police fire tear-gas in Harare, amid protests at results of #ZimbabweElections
Police use water canon as they disperse protests in Harare. #ZimbabweElections
Armed troops on the streets of Zimbabwe's capital try to disperse opposition protesters.
Zimbabwe: Harare is rising up against ZanuPF. Capital is furious at ElectionsZW results by the ZEC which have declared Zanu-PF the winner
Soldiers including presidential guard unit moving into position outside the election result centre, situation deteriorating in Harare fast
Zimbabwe president calls for "peace" as clashes erupt after poll
Armed troops on the streets of Zimbabwe's capital Harare have tried to disperse opposition protesters
Sound of automatic gunfire heard on the streets of Harare
Supporters of Zimbabwe's main opposition party are marching through Harare to protest the election result. Protestors were forced to take cover after loud bangs were heard while the demonstrations took place.
Supporters of opposition leader Chamisa block some streets, burn tyres in Zimbabwe capital: Reuters
Congo police fire teargas at opposition leader Bemba's supporters
Official results show Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party has attained a two-thirds majority in Parliament
Zimbabwe opposition supporters confront police outside electoral commission center
EU observers criticise Zimbabwe elections for 'un-level playing field'
Huge crowd in Kinshasa for return of former warlord, ex-DR Congo VP Bemba, police using teargas
Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU-PF party won the most seats in parliament in Monday's election, official results show, as opposition MDC allege widespread fraud and count continues in key presidential race
1 month ago
Zaharova: Russian journalists did not investigate the activity of private military companies in Africa
CIT says the 3 slain Russian journalists were likely investigating Russian mercenaries' alleged diamond mine deals with rebel groups—which contradict Moscow's assurances to the UN that they were in the Central African Republic to help government forces1 month ago
CIT says the 3 slain Russian journalists were likely investigating Russian mercenaries' alleged diamond mine deals with rebel groups—which contradict Moscow's assurances to the UN that they were in the Central African Republic to help government forces
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