Beginning at 09:47 UTC this morning (5-Dec), the internet of Zimbabwe began experiencing severe outages. Telone, Liquid Telecom, and YoAfrica among affected ISPs. Causes unknown.

Map. History of Africa conflict

19 February 2018
Beginning at 09:47 UTC this morning (5-Dec), the internet of Zimbabwe began experiencing severe outages. Telone, Liquid Telecom, and YoAfrica among affected ISPs. Causes unknown.
At least 36 dead from Listeria outbreak in SA
Listeriosis: Motsoaledi says out of the 557 cases they're certain of the final outcome for 70 cases. Of these 70 cases that have been traced, 36 people have died following the Listeriosis outbreak in SA. SF
2 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 15km SSE of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Libya's Higher National Elections Commission will announce the start of voter registration in a press conference at its HQ in Tripoli tomorrow. Libya
Traders protest alleged bid to take over Abuja popular market2 month ago
Traders protest alleged bid to take over Abuja popular market
"If I was a foreign minister in the Maghreb I'd wonder how reliable the United States is" after @POTUS tweeted "Rogue vile, Islamophobic, pseudo videos that demean and degrade" Muslims, per @GerryConnolly
Sierra Leone opposition 'satisfied' with police chief sacking
Why is North Africa difficult for the US? "It is a more straightforward path to identify how US interests are affected in other locales around the world" says LtGen Nagata "As a result, it gets less attnetion"
"There's going to be a much larger role for non governmental actors…going to have to be a much more prominent part of such efforts" per LtGen Nagata re CT in Africa
Africa Sahel Maghreb "going to be a test case" of whether international community can be effective vs. terror with out large scale military campaigns , per NCC's LtGen Nagata
"We just don't have the resources that are needed" per @cwormuth "I don't think Santa Claus is coming with a bag of money" re counter terror in North Africa
With Africa counter terror, "If we want to be really successful I think we need to be reaching for the diplomatic tools" says fmr Under Secretary of Defense @cwormuth
"When big military gets involved… we run the risk of driving moderates underground" per @jmclaughlinSAIS re CT in Africa
"Are military solutions helpful? Yes of course," per @jmclaughlinSAIS "I think it ought to focus on the fusion of special operations and intelligence" re counter terror in Africa
"A lot of things combine to make this a more fertile environment for terrorist plotting and activity… makes classic counterterrorism much harder than just about anywhere else" per @jmclaughlinSAIS re Africa
Problem of terror/extremism in North Africa, Maghreb "deserves the highest attention" per fmr @CIA deputy director @jmclaughlinSAIS
Publishers protest Sudan newspaper seizures
14 North Darfur teachers resign in protest2 month ago
14 North Darfur teachers resign in protest
Mogadishu conference offered a pivotal opportunity to reflect on the progress made by the Federal Govt of Somalia, the FMS and Benadir Regional Administration supported by the Int'l community in reforming the security sector
Somalia and its partners today agreed during the security conference to prioritize the implementation of the National Security Architecture, urgent development of realistic conditions-based transition plan from AMISOM to Somali security forces and continued Int'l support
Deaths and injuries of militants reported in an ambush attack on AMISOM base in Qoryoley town.
Biggest concern for terror/foreign fighters in north Africa - "What's going to happen when those of them who are currently in prison get out?" asks Nat Defense University's Cragin, with most only incarcerated for 4-5 years
In Algeria, "It doesn't seem to be that IS [ISIS] and AQIM are competing for the same recruits" per National Defense University's Dr. Kim Kragin @CSISMidEast
"Everyone of them is a bomb wherever he is" per Algeria's Amb Riache "They are connected among themselves" with internet and social media
Egypt: MoI states that it raided a militant hideout in Sharqiya Governorate, just NE of Cairo, killing 5. The militants infiltrated from North Sinai, were planning to conduct attacks and were in possession of 3 IEDs and assault rifles
Zimbabwe's new President Emmerson Mnangagwa swears in his government in a ceremony in Harare
Combating terrorism/extremism not just via military might- national reconciliation also needed, says Algeria's Amb. Riache
Foreign Fighters "returning in numbers" to north Africa along with their families, per Algeria Amb. El Haouès Riache
Tunisia worried about "Subversive elements" in Libya, per sr nat sec adviser Akrout "Libya has become save haven to militants, criminals…"
"They were convinced there is no hope that their situation will ever change" per Tunisia's Akrout
Young people turning to terror, radicalizing "because of feeling of frustration…indignation" per Tunisia national sec adviser Rear Adm. (Ret.) Kamel Akrout @CSISMidEast