Map. History of Africa conflict

23 October 2017
[email protected] on Niger ambush: U.S. military convoys aren't typically attacked because "they're well protected"
Angry mobs in Malawi kill at least 9 people they accused of being vampires
At least 5 people injured in an attack by AlShabaab in Kenya’s Garissa town
Al-Shabaab members distance themselves from Moghadishu attack
Egyptian House of Representatives agrees to declare a state of emergency for 3 months in the whole country
Lankford agrees with McCain that too many questions remain unaswered regarding Niger causalities.
Sen. James Lankford says a flood of weapons and instability of government leads to conflict and security threat in Niger.
Mike Morell says Niger aftermath "feels like Benghazi" in the politicization of the tragedy.
Morell says US troops in Niger there to keep enviroment under control so that it doesn't become a threat for the US.
Morell says troops in Niger in line with longstanding US policy to fight terrorism throughout the world.
Head of World Health Organization withdraws appointment of Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe as a goodwill ambassador
A witness says at least 7 people confirmed dead in the landmine explosion at Daniga villge,outside Bal'ad district.
Deaths reported as huge explosion hits minibus carrying civilians near Bal'ad town, some 35km north of Mogadishu
Two residents have told me that at least 5 people reportedly dead after a landmine hit a mini bus carrying vegetables from Afgooye.
Roadside bomb hits a mini bus carrying passengers near Bal'ad district, 30KM north of Mohadishu.5 passengers are confirmed dead.
Earthquake of magnitude 5.2 - 43km NW of Mpanda, Tanzania
The public took to the streets
It is confirmed that no journalists were in the chopper
Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui is coordinating the rescue after the helicopter tragedy in Lake Nakuru.
Police say 140 people have been arrested after a spate of deadly mob attacks on suspected "vampires" in Malawi
Gunmen kill at least 8 Niger gendarmes, wound several, in attack on their base near Mali border - security sources to @Reuters
Senegal Thwarts Terrorist Attack in Collaboration with Western Intelligence
A helicopter crashes into Lake Nakuru moments after take off. Rescue efforts currently underway.
For 7 hours gunfire heard in Ayorou, Tillabéri Region. Residents fear attack
Death toll from Mogadishu truck bombing rises to 358, making it one of the deadliest attacks in modern history
An eyewitness confirmed, a bomb fitted into a car went off near Banaadir junction in Mogadishu, no casualties. Somalia
Clashes between gunmen and security forces at Oasis road in Giza
NPA says Hawks have told Shaun Abrahams they need 30 days to establish availability of 218 witnesses in Zuma case.
Hillcrest headteacher Gabrielle Maina shot dead in Karen
The govt of Ethiopia has sent 8 tones of medical aid to Somalia to support victims of the Saturday's truck bomb in Mogadishu.