Map. History of Africa conflict

27 June 2017
1.4 million children across Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria are in immediate danger of death from severe malnutrition, UNICEF says
#EUNAVFOR website states Italy and France vessels are deployed at the moment off Somalia
Unconfirmed reports say the sinking navy vessel is one of the EU anti-piracy ships. Villagers saw 2 other vessels reach area to rescue crew.
An explosion has been reported on a navy vessel offshore Alula and Mur'anyo coastal towns of NE Somalia; villagers say vessel is sinking.
A navy vessel is sinking off the coast of Alula, Puntland; villagers told @voasomali they believe it caught fire. Somalia
Caporal Albéric Riveta, died during an airborne operation in Mali last week
Swedish aohan Gustafsson from Värnamo has been released from Mali. Was taken by al-Qaeda in Mali
The Chadian military claimed to have killed 162 Boko Haram fighters during clashes on islands on Lake Chad
8 Chadian troops killed in clashes with Boko Haram: army
Black Hawks make a Mogadishu comeback
Major internet outage reported in most of Somalia after undersea fibre optic cables were cut by a large ship: sources say
France charges Congo president's daughter with corruption - media
IS claims to have killed 2 soldiers of Puntland region in Jarwr area
Senior military officer shot dead by suspected militants in his home in El-Wak, Somalia: residents
Mogadishu based businesses have a strange practice of capitalizing on political trends. For example these Donald Trump Biscuits
US Embassy warns again of potential terrorist attacks this weekend in Mali during the Eid holidays
At least 4 were killed in El-Wak after 5 militants attacked equity bank; 2 guards, a cashier among the dead, assailants escaped: residents
Gunmen thought to be Al-Shabab militants have attacked equity bank branch in El-Wak Kenya, this morning, casualties reported.
Mali: NIM has published pictures of the last attack against the Malian Army in Bintagougou
At least 4 govt soldiers wounded when bomb explosion went off in Barder town. No group says it carried out. Somalia
Mustaqbal radio says its staff are all safe after a suicide bomber hit a nearby building. 8 people dead, over 10 wounded in Mogadishu blast
Jubbaland authorities have confirmed that their minister of youth Mohamed Mohamud Aw Libax was killed in today's suicide blast im Mogadishu
At least 8 people are dead after suicide car bombing of Mogadishu police station; three of them are women: source
At least four people are reported to have been killed in a suicde blast on Waberi police station, most of them were pedestrians
Radio Mustaqbal shut down after a car bomb hit Waaberi district police HQ, the Radio station is not far from the police station.
Many people have been wounded in a car bomb attack Waberi police station near Dabka junction in Mogadishu. Somalia
Car bomb explosion hits Waaberi district police station near Maka Mukarama hotel in Mogadishu. Sporadic gunfire heard
Large explosion rocks Mogadishu, Somalia
South Africa's highest court says lawmakers can cast secret ballots when a no-confidence vote in President Jacob Zuma is held
Algeria- AQIM claim of IED attack against ANP vehicle between Seiar-Chechar, Khenchela Province, released in French